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HFA Kids raised $5,367.11 in the 2017 Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge coming in 65th in the nation!
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Children’s Church is provided for youngsters ages 4 – 11. A variety of age-appropriate teaching methods is used to help the children make Jesus the center of their lives.

Buck Denver and his friends kick off their adventure through the whole Bible.

A Letter from Creator Phil Vischer

When I launched VeggieTales® nearly 20 years ago, my goal was simply to bring the values of the Bible to life for kids in a fun new way. More than 50 million videos later, I think that effort succeeded. But the success of VeggieTales® has led me to an even bigger goal—to bring the ENTIRE Bible to life for families, from Genesis to Revelation.

Biblical illiteracy is a huge problem in the church today as far too many kids are growing up without a clear understanding of their own faith. The What’s in the Bible? video series is an effort to provide kids a foundational knowledge of the Bible and of their faith that can launch them on a lifelong walk with God—a journey that will change them and change the world around them.