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HFA Kids raised $4,862.23 in the 2016 Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge coming in 68th in the nation!
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Children’s Church is provided for youngsters ages 4 – 11. A variety of age-appropriate teaching methods is used to help the children make Jesus the center of their lives.

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 Sundays 10am

Buck Denver and his friends kick off their adventure through the whole Bible with In the Beginning [Genesis] – and you’re invited to come along! Travel back to where it all started, in the Bible’s first book. You’ll experience Creation, walk through the Garden of Eden and meet the world’s first humans – Adam and Eve. When they choose to go their way instead of God’s, sin enters the world. As we continue on, we see sin’s devastating effects in the stories of Cain and Abel, Noah and the ark, and the Tower of Babel. But this is only the beginning. Come along as we learn all about the world’s most important book – what it is, who wrote it, and why can we trust it.

A Letter from Creator Phil Vischer

When I launched VeggieTales® nearly 20 years ago, my goal was simply to bring the values of the Bible to life for kids in a fun new way. More than 50 million videos later, I think that effort succeeded. But the success of VeggieTales® has led me to an even bigger goal—to bring the ENTIRE Bible to life for families, from Genesis to Revelation.

Biblical illiteracy is a huge problem in the church today as far too many kids are growing up without a clear understanding of their own faith. The What’s in the Bible? video series is an effort to provide kids a foundational knowledge of the Bible and of their faith that can launch them on a lifelong walk with God—a journey that will change them and change the world around them.